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Sailor Moon Halloween by zelldinchit


Yusuke by Umintsu



If it actually started raining men I think I’d just start crying and be really terrified and not leave my house and just curl up into a ball and pretend I couldn’t hear the slamming of bodies falling upon my roof under no circumstances would I think “hallelujah” 

it’s a cold and it’s a broken hallelujah


Woman speaks out against misogynistic abuse and is met with misogynistic abuse from men who believe misogynistic abuse doesn’t exist and that she should stop making them look bad.


Guardians of the Galaxy 2 looks great

: ♀
: Chantel ꜚ Till ꜚ Tilly ꜚ Twilly ꜚ Telly ꜚ Tellypooh
: Tennessee
: Twenty-four years of life

: Daring, wishing, inspired, hopeful, pro-choice, proud feminist, insecure, confident, ugly, beautiful, extreme, loud, quiet, adventurous, afraid, Disney, Pokemon, Harry Potter, Pro-Voldemort, life, enjoyment.

: I'm a single mother struggling with what life throws at me. I struggle with myself and with others. I'm just trying to get by, but also trying to make a difference.

I might be a little in love with the mind of Tom Riddle Jr.

: I feel I'm the first and last of my kind. I'm open minded and yet sometimes close minded. It's because I've grown up in a sheltered environment and I'm still learning. I also grew up in a damaged society. I also know I can't do it alone.

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