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: Chantel ꜚ Till ꜚ Tilly ꜚ Twilly ꜚ Telly ꜚ Tellypooh
: Tennessee
: Twenty-four years of life

: Daring, wishing, inspired, hopeful, pro-choice, proud feminist, insecure, confident, ugly, beautiful, extreme, loud, quiet, adventurous, afraid, Disney, Pokemon, Harry Potter, Pro-Voldemort, life, enjoyment.

: I'm a single mother struggling with what life throws at me. I struggle with myself and with others. I'm just trying to get by, but also trying to make a difference.

I might be a little in love with the mind of Tom Riddle Jr.

: I feel I'm the first and last of my kind. I'm open minded and yet sometimes close minded. It's because I've grown up in a sheltered environment and I'm still learning. I also grew up in a damaged society. I also know I can't do it alone.

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